• Find clients on twitter

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    Social Media Expert and Founder of Web Friendly, Matt Astifan has been teaching business professionals how to untangle the complex world of Social Media since 2009.

    Who this eCourse is for:
    Owners of small to medium businesses
    Those wanting a guided lesson on Twitter
    Those wanting to effect...

  • Get freelance work with Ad Agencies

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    Braden Douglas is an industry-leading trailblazer delivering hard-hitting marketing and leadership advice to audiences around the world. He’s a branding expert and founder of Crew Marketing Partners—a marketing team for small to medium sized organizations.

    Who better than the founder of an Adv...

  • Dance: Medicine for Emotional Health

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    An author, teacher, mentor, and dance studio director who has cared for the progress and emotional well-being of dancers of all ages. She has a background in psychology, kinesiology, and dance.

    Dance. We most often think of it as being about celebration, joy, “art”– but what if dance were used...

  • Get your Art into galleries

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    Michal Tkachenko is a Canadian-born visual artist based between London (UK) and Vancouver (Canada) who received her MA Fine Arts from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Canada, the United States, Africa and Europe and can be found ...

  • Run a Professional Live Workshop

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    Having taught over 10,000 hours of live workshops, Hussein Hallak breaks down how to teach others your expertise in a live setting.